Production Capabilities

Our full complement of 18 injection molding machines, from our 95-ton all electric (3.7 ounce) to our 1100-ton (256 ounce), is at-ready for standard plastics up to the more “exotic” applications.

D&L has extensive processing experience with the following commodity and engineering resins: PP, PE, PS, ABS, SAN, PC, CPVC, PVC, PBT, Nylons, Urethane, Acetal, Acrylic, PFA, PVDF, ETFE, PPS, and many filled and modified resins, additives and colorants.

Add-On Services

To meet exacting customer specs, our in-house precision tool shop and staff are available for creating and repairing the most challenging molds. Rounding out the full-service menu, we provide product testing and evaluation, hot stamping, solvent bonding, sonic welding, light assembly, packaging and decorating services, shrink wrapping, tapping and drilling, heat staking, foil stamping, labeling and custom packaging.

Mattec MES Monitoring

Our fourth generation real-time Mattec MES production and process monitoring system renders critical job tracking and logging, analysis, and scheduling of all production.

Zero Defect Policy

Our operating procedures have been developed over the course of five decades, and have been finely-honed to the strictest adherence of quality standards.

Automation and Robotics

Sprue pickers and automated sectors provide part and runner separation, minimizing mold open and cycle times for maximum cost efficiency and reliability.

Auxiliary Equipment

Top technology keeps customer cost low via our array of granulators, temperature controllers, hot oil control units, dryers, hoppers, mixers, color feeders, auto loaders, conveyers and compressors to ensure a daily relay of superior production.

Central Chilling

A central water chilling system requires less total operating tonnage, minimizes equipment maintenance and frees up valuable real estate on the production floor. Our portable systems are also readily available upon demand.

Bulk Storage

For high volume runs, silo storage of raw materials extends warehouse space and decreases labor, resulting in a lower per-part cost. Each silo boasts a storage capacity of 50,000 pounds, with the ability to receive full bulk trucks.


Our longevity speaks volumes. For more than a half-century, our commitment to quality, competitive pricing and top-shelf service has ensured a continuum of satisfied customers across a myriad of industries – from telecommunications, medical and recreational.